The clinic

The strongly rational architectural principle that regulates the design intervention and therefore the articulation of the interior spaces is expressed through the peremptoriness of the compositional elements that structure and characterize it.

The refined monochromy of the rooms pursues the desire to obtain an aseptic professional container for conception and vocation, clear and bright. The chromatism will be entrusted only to furniture and finishes.

The reception space invites the patient to stay in the comfortable waiting room, living it as a place for scientific information on dental matters. The waiting room is a central space that serves as a spatial hub between the operating room, the private dentist’s study, the staff locker room and the toilets.

Inside the operating room there is the sterilization room; conceptually a box in frosted glass that is proposed as environment in the environment to fulfill its function in formal, functional and linguistic alchemy.

The spatiality of Dott. Pino’s dental studio qualifies as an expression of a extensive architectural thought that allows its designers to recognize it.
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