Rubber dam

What is the rubber dam?

It is a natural rubber latex sheet (or other material for allergy sufferers) normally square shaped (15 × 15 centimetres with a thickness that can vary from 0.15 to 0.30 mm). It is used in most conservative performances and is simple and quick (just few minutes are necessary). It is also suitable for children who collaborate much longer and with a great calmness.

What is it for?

The dam is used to isolate from the oral environment one or more teeth while treated (example fillings and revitalisations), allowing not only the elimination of saliva from the operative area, but also a modest and temporary retraction of the gingiva. With its use, in fact, almost all the interventions of conservative nature can be implemented in a better way, being able to have an uncontaminated dry field during all the work phases. It improves the visibility of the operator (dentist).

What advantages?

It certainly transmits the patient a sense of tranquillity and security; avoids, for example, accidental ingestion of small instruments and also allows high-level dental services to be performed. No introduction in the mouth of mirrors, cotton salivary rollers, saliva racks and more. It let the patient free from the need to rinse off continuously. People who have a marked sensitivity to the reflection of vomit are greatly benefited. The dental materials used, do not suffer the deleterious effect of humidity and the cavities can be disinfected properly. It should be noted that in the removal of the old amalgam fillings, the present mercury can be absorbed by the patient’s organism in some way. With the protection of the dam this cannot happen. The dam completely isolates the gums from possible insults of irritating materials such as those used for tooth bleaching and other toxic chemicals.